Why is Panel Services Africa unique?

Panel Services Africa specialises in helping businesses make better marketing decisions through better, quicker market research at a fraction of the cost of any alternatives. Founded in 2005 and based in Johannesburg, South Africa, PSA pioneered longitudinal panel services and market research in Africa, with a focus on quality and innovation. Our core competency is the recruitment and management of quality online panels and we have developed recruitm ent, profiling and managem ent techniques and methods to ensure high response and compliance.

About Us

PSA specialises in technology enabled solutions that generate reliable, consistent and actionable information to enhance the decision-making capability of marketers and researchers. Founded in 2005 and based in Johannesburg, South Africa, PSA pioneered longitudinal panel market research services and market research in Africa, with a focus on quality and innovation.


PSA was founded with a single mission: To harness the latest technology and the best science to deliver marketing data of the highest integrity, reliably.

We have been leading the way in panel quality and the development of solutions and technologies that are changing the way research is done - processes that make it easier, faster and more cost effective for market research professionals.

We manage Tell Us About It, a quality research panel with around 15 000 active panelists, an average 35% response rate and c. 90% compliancy with multiple surveys.


We passionately believe in quality online research panels and offer technology enabled survey solutions and innovative survey methodologies to offer integrated solutions to engage with consumers.

Our development of the unique Multi-Threaded technology to engage with the diversity of the population in our country sets us apart. We are able to apply the same research investigations across multiple platforms, both traditional and non-traditional devices, including computer, mobile, CAPI CATI, and face-to-face.

Our Services

Panel Services Africa delivers rapid research results. It's rare for a project to last more than 5 days from start to finish
and our clients value our ability to produce quality results cost effectively and at a sprint.

Panel Sample

We provide research & marketing professionals with access to online sample from our research panels.

Digital Surveys

In-house capabilities to script and field online surveys on our panels or external lists using the latest survey technology.

Omnibus Surveys

Obtain valuable insgihts swiftly and cheaply by adding your questions to our regularly-scheduled omnibus survey.

Online Communities

Targeted respondents from our panel for forums, chat sessions, blogs, quick polls and other platforms for qual/quant approaches.

Panel Management

We handle all panel relationship management, recruitment and communication to panellist support, incentive management and payment.

Proprietary Panels

Flexible options to provide you with your very own network of customers (or non-customers).

Our Research Panels

Through our online panels and research products, Panel Services Africa delivers valuable high-quality data to help clients make informed business decisions.


We own and manage our own panels and panelists are fully profiled.


Varied sources and methods that are verified to ensure realiability (incl. face to face).


Our profile survey covers a wide range of topics in key vertical markets.


We pay cash incentives to each respondent for every survey they complete.

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